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BIOPURUS Our history spans more than a decade, since 2005, when operation of our company began. BIOPURUS in the Slovak Republic. During that time we have created a large number of customers who are very satisfied with our products not only for their great quality, but also their affordable price. Since many of our clients come from the Czech Republic, we decided to set up a company here as well. We are the exclusive importer of cold pressed oil and other organic products. You can find them on our website, which is updated regularly.
Our credo is to provide customers with high quality products at an affordable price. Our imported oils and products come mainly from Austria and Germany.
Our oils contain valuable bioactive substances in their most natural form. Therefore, they are able to effectively communicate with your skin. They are used in the care of skin, hair and nails. Virgin oils are beautifying, rejuvenating and healing and have a broad range of curative effects. Coconut oil is widely used in skin care and is also great for use in the kitchen. Jojoba oil has a rejuvenating and regenerative effect, helping soften hard skin, healing scars and it also helps the growth of eyelashes and eyebrows.

  • Oleador, Stöger, Cauvin and others. SOLIO  
  • Virgin oils (pure sea buckthorn oil, evening primrose oil, argan oil, hemp oil, pumpkin seed oil, etc.), are used as a fountain of health and vitality for their beautifying effects are also used in care of skin, hair and nails. Virgin oils are also an essential ingredient in healthy cooking.
  • Aromatic oils combine the beneficial effects of virgin oils with the relaxing effects of fragrance. They are used as curative body oils and massage oils for home and profession.
  • Are also pure essential oils and offer a variety of aromatherapy products.
  • Oleates are 100% cold-pressed
  • Gentle touch to care for your body and soul
  • Take a break! Treat yourself to relaxation, beauty and health in the form of our unique and beautiful gift sets.
  • In our e-shop you will find unique gifts of nature as well as natural cosmetics. For example, virgin linseed oil, 100% pure healing sea buckthorn oil, evening primrose oil for strengthening women's strength and vitality, strawberry oil, chia seeds, and much more. Try our hemp oil and pumpkin seed oil for use in preparing healthy meals, plus a wide variety of other natural products.
  • In addition e have prepared unique gift sets and other products designed to help you lead a healthy, beautiful and youthful lifestyle. We've ombined them into sets scented with coconut oil or sets with healing sea buckthorn oil.

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